How To Get Started

1. Read me file is the staring point. It includes some guides and FAQs which answers most of your questions. So you should start reading now if you haven't.

2. Navbar is a must have components for most of websites. Lean about navbars to create your own or use any of the available samples by visiting navbar documentation.

3. Header or Cover is the next step. Create or use one of the available headers for your internal pages or get inspired by our sample covers for your homepage.

4. Footer is a mandatory part of most websites. Get a sample footer, make it yours, and use it in all of the pages. Feel free to change the background color of footers using utility classes.

5. Blocks are the content here. We have hundreds of blocks, categorized in more than 20 pages. Simply pick what you need and change the text and image of the block and you're good to go.

6. UI Kit is the final destination for your creativity. If you need to create a custom block or get enough knowledge for modifying the existing blocks, this is the place.